Thursday, March 09, 2006


Waiting For Someone To Come Out of Somewhere?

I had a particularly strange bit of harassment today. I was standing at a stoplight, waiting to cross. A man tapped me on the shoulder. I said, "Can I help you?" And he said, "Yes, you are a beautiful woman and I need to talk to you." I made a sound of disgust. He said, "Just wait here one second, I need to buy a pack of Newports. Then we'll talk." And he ran into a deli.

Reader, I left.

Sometimes I try to get into the head of these guys. It's just too damn scary and pathetic though. I gave up seeing strangers as targets for abuse when I left middle school. I am ashamed it took me that long to stop bullying 11 year olds ! But what the hell could this guy be thinking ? He just screams rapist, pervert, killer ! Sure I will wait for you, only if I have a loaded gun, then patiently wait for you to do something illegal, then I will bust your dumb ass ! Get you off the street you freak ! Can you tell I am venting ! Great blog by the way.
Getting into the minds of harassers is one thing I try very hard to do, trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but, honestly, sometimes the more I think about that, the worse I feel.

Thanks for your input!
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