Tuesday, October 31, 2006



In evidence class today my professor was explaining the difference between dicta (when the court is just giving its opinion or answering a hypothetical question) and the holding (when the court is explaining its decision pertaining to the facts of the case) and she keeps saying "dicta is this...dicta is that.. no, that's not an example of dicta..." when from the way back of the room this guy says in a stage whisper "Suck my dicta!"

Slightly funny? Maybe
Unnecessary? Probably
An example of sexualized male aggression? Yup

Monday, October 30, 2006


Overheard ...

So I was walking up the subway steps out of the station the other day behind a group of three teenage boys, probably about 15 or 16 years old. The only part of their conversation I was fortunate enough to overhear was:

"You bitch slapped him!"- says the first

"No..."- says the second

"Yeah, you bitch slapped him." -says the first, laughing

"No, you pimp slapped him! - says the third, laughing

"I've got an ego but not that much." - concludes the second

I seriously considered stopping these boys and asking them why they thought violence against women was so funny. So casual. I know they probably weren't thinking of their joke in those terms and I can't blame them. "Bitch" "Pimp" "Bitchslap"- The language they used is thrown around constantly and the meaning has been lost-or morphed into something less scary. Something quite removed from the very real and painful image of a man slapping a woman in the face.

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